IT Services and Software

L. 185/90

L.185/90 Law defines a set of rules companies have to follow when exporting military equipment. Our software helps managing the whole process and reduces the possible mistakes that lead to expensive sanctions.

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IT Support

We provide hardware and software assistance for your needs. From web hosting and hardware maintenance to application development, just ask us and we'll find the right solution that best suits you.

GDPR - Privacy

We provide consultancy services regarding the new GDPR (Privacy law) that it is active since May 24th, 2018 for all the Italian Companies. We share initially with the Customer a question form to understand the situation of the Company. Than we make, at the Headquarter of the Customer a "Check list" to show what the Customer has to do to be compliance with the Law. Obviously if the Customer will request to us, we are able to operate on it throw our experts team.