B&P mainly supplies, directly or through various represented Manufacturers and Distributors:
- Raw Materials
- Chemicals & Auxiliary Products
- Spare Parts and Components



B&P's business is primarily General Electric Oil & Gas market.
Bonetti Group offers repair and overhaul capabilities for a number of turbine parts to greatly reduce maintenance costs. All repairs are conducted by OEM approved facilities.


IT Solutions

B&P provides software applications for various purposes, from document management to automatic archiviation and performance monitoring, perfectly integrated with your systems.


Company overview

Bonetti Company was founded in 1951, to manufacture and sell industrial tools and equipment. The Company was reincorporated in 1970 and became Leader in the Aerospace field.Today the B&P Divisions are:


Land & Marine

Oil & Gas

Logistic Services

IT for Aerospace specific programs  

Over the past few years, the Company has consolidated its activities in other European States, such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic and in other South America States, such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Today all these activities has been transferred to the new entity Bonetti & Partners S.r.l.


SOFTWARE L. 185/90

Bonetti Group has developped a very detailed solution to support the Companies to handle the L. 185/90 for the Military Exportation inside the complete process to prepare the Export License.



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